Cynthia M. Gibson

Cynthesis Consulting provides custom support to improve the capacity and program effectiveness of leading national foundations and nonprofit organizations. Services include: evaluation, public policy research and analysis, program development, strategic planning, survey design, and marketing/communications. Projects range from short-term interventions that increase development and marketing capacity to long-term initiatives that assist a wide range of foundations—family, corporate/technology, and national—with every step in the process of researching, designing and launching new multi-million dollar grant making strategies that lead to measurable results.


haasjr post

Culture is Changing: Fundraising Needs to Change With It

This post originally appeared on the Evelyn and Walter Haas Jr. website.  Like many people in the nonprofit world, I started out as a fundraiser. I worked for a development director, however, who had very different ideas about how that job should be done. While her peers boasted about … [Read More...]

Big Data

Data: More than Numbers (or the Sum of its Parts)

Data: More Than Numbers (Or The Sum of Its Parts) Markets for Good Cynthia Gibson  11/27/2012 Reliable and accessible data in the social sector is hard to come by. But, changing the way we generate, use, and share data is more than simply creating better collections of data. Independent … [Read More...]


Nonprofits in the Age of Web 2.0: What Does Membership Mean?

Anybody who’s read this blog knows that it contains some recurrent themes—the need for more transparency and “real people” in public decision-making, as well as the cultural, political, and social shifts that technology is driving. I thought about this last week while attending a special session at … [Read More...]